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The Rocker

The industries only rock removal tool, proven by 100’s of contractors. Read more below.


INCREASED REVENUE: Submit more competitive bids and land more contracts, by eliminating or reducing rock removal costs associated with other methods.

INCREASED PROFITABILITY: Spend up to 60 percent less, move rock quickly and safely, and save labor costs for rock-replacement dollars vs. shoveling or vacuuming.

PRODUCTIVITY: Move up to 10-12 tons of rock per hour – Enough to fill wheelbarrow every 30 seconds, easily out pacing a 6-man crew.

RUGGED DESIGN: Experience long term performance, lower cost of ownership and operation with the Rockers heavy duty design and construction, engineered for the rugged job ahead.

FLEXIBILITY: Remove many types of ballast, from pea gravel up to 2 ½ inch rock with the custom configuration options. Change configurations in just a few minutes.

Additional information


Weight: 575 lbs. Dimensions (LxWxH): 88” x 69” x 48” HONDA Engine HP: 13hp Drive System: Hydrostatic transaxle Drive Tires: Solid rubber, split hub design Front Caster: Solid Heavy Duty Air filter: Remote