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FallBan Roof Perimeter Cable Guard System

Fall protection comes in many different forms and designs. The FallBan Cableguard System is the most versatile on the market. The stanchions can be configured and adjusted several different ways to accommodate gutters, parapet walls, gravel stops and overhang in a variety of shapes, heights and widths. FallBan was created by a roofer for roofing and construction in mind but can also be installed as a permanent fall protection system on commercial property, factories and warehouses.

1 System, 3 Roof Types

Standard Roof Edge

Fits multiple edge designs, up to 4/12 pitch

FallBan Standard Roof Edge Mounted

Parapet Walls

Fits a variety of parapet designs & widths

FallBan Parapet Mounted


Pressure is transferred to the deck underside

FallBan Overhang Mounted

Benefits & Features

  • Meets OSHA and Canadian SOR requirements
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Increases efficiency and productivity on the roof
  • Usable on many different roof edge types
  • Lighter and stronger than wood frame systems
  • Affordable even on big roof areas
  • Doesn’t get in the way of roofing
  • Stanchions can be spaced up to 6 meters apart
  • Temporary or permanent installation (Stainless Steel available for permanent)
  • Allows freedom from harness, ropes and lanyards
  • Keeps workers safe and reduces injuries
  • Increased company profits while being OSHA and SOR compliant
FallBan Parapet Mounted
FallBan Regular Edge Mounted
FallBan Underdeck Mounted