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No. 12 Scratcher

• Rugged and reliable
• Scratch close to walls and joints
• Reduced service time
• Simple and easy to use

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Rugged And Reliable: Experience many hours of reliable performance and consistency with a reinforced critical area machine design, and protect critical components with the heavy duty welded drum and cast iron sleeve design.

Scratch Close To Walls And Expansion Joints: Perform patching work, and get close to walls, expansion joints and difficult to reach areas with the 12 pin carbide pin design.

Reduced Service And Down Time: Experience longer run times and less down time with simple pin replacement design.

Simple And Easy To Use: Get started on projects sooner and spend less time training workers with the simple push down handle scraping activated system.

Weight: 125 lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH): 34” x 18” x 36”
Honda Engine HP: 5.5hp
Cutters: (12) carbide tipped cutters
Rear Wheels: (2) hard rubber
Front Wheels:(2) hard rubber

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