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Rotary Planer

EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN: The Garlock Rotary Planer can be easily lifted to the jobsite and up and running in minutes. It is designed to make it easy to spud close to walls and edges with its inset wheel and adjustable cutting height at the operator handle. Down time and service time is reduced with the enclosed belt and two pulley drive system.

EXTREMELY SMOOTH CUTTING OPERATION: Experience quieter and smoother cutting operations with less vibration with the positive weight of syncro-balanced engine design.

RUGGED DESIGN AND DURABILITY: Experience many hours of reliable performance and consistency with a reinforced critical area machine design, heavy-duty fly wheel and four carbide bits. Protect critical components with the Rotary Planer’s heavy duty debris guard design.

DECREASED LABOR AND COMPLETION TIME: Shear easily through embedded gravel roofs leaving a 12” ultra-smooth surface, without spending many hours manually scraping gravel loose. Finish the job in a fraction of the time.

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