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GS 36 Sweeper

The GS-36 Power Broom from Garlock Equipment is specifically designed for roofing use. For removal of gravel substrates on flat roofs, the GS-36 is the answer.
• Powerful performance
• Sweep angle 15 degrees left or right
• Balanced Design
• Ergonomic operator controls
• Flat-Free tires

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POWERFUL PERFORMANCE- The GS-36 puts the power to the broom and gets the job done. With a rugged frame, and u-joint drive system, the most power from the Honda 5.5 HP engine is transferred to the broom. The drive system allows for maximum broom usage. As it wears down, the head tips forward maintaining proper head pressure and top performance.

BALANCED DESIGN- The GS-36 is completely redesigned for optimum balance to keep the correct amount of head pressure and still allow easy maneuvering. The rugged frame and handles put the weight where you want it and not on the operator.

SWEEP ANGLE- The GS-36 allows left, right or straight sweeping all with a simple move of the EZ-Angle lever. With 15-degree movement left and right, optimum job site flexibility is always maintained. The 36” Poly/wire broom delivers the right amount of scrubbing action to get the roof clean of dirt and gravel. Choose the optional all steel brush for cleaning steel decks.

ERGONOMIC OPERATOR CONTROLS- The GS-36 is designed with the operator in mind with wide handlebars, EZ-Angle broom controls and drive control all within reach. Should the operator let go of the handlebars, the drive handles releases safely stopping the sweeper.

FLAT-FREE TIRES- Flat-Free foam filled tires are standard equipment. Never worry about a flat on the job site and increase your productivity with the GS-36.

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Engine: Honda GX 160 Engine (HP): 5.5 Fuel Capacity gal. (liters): 1 (3.8) Dimensions L x W x H in: 62 x 43 x 42 L x W x H mm: 1575 x 1092 x 1067 Shipping Weight Ibs. (kg): 266 (121) Warranty: One Year Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.