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Perimeter Parapet Clamp System – 4 Pack

OSHA compliant leading edge fall protection system that can be used on both flat edge surfaces and parapet walls. (2×4’s not included).


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Perimeter guardrail systems save labor and improve efficiency over visual warning lines because after setup you have fall protection safety all the way to the edge of the roof or deck structure without being tied off, increasing worker productivity.

  • Clamp and Stanchion system for leading edge fall protection and injury prevention. (2×4 wood not provided)
  • Guardrail clamp secures to the parapet, flat edge, or slab edge enabling free access to the entire protected area.
  • No-Tool installation of clamp and stanchions.
  • Ergonomic Large coated handle for ease of use and long life.
  • Concealed fastener threads protect from handling damage.
  • Adjustable guardrail clamp can accommodate up to a 24” parapet.
  • Concealed fastener threads protect from handling damage.
Stanchions 42″
Spacing Recommended 6ft. (max 8 ft.)
System Includes 4 clamps, 4 stanchions
Perimeter Clamp Adjustable from 8″ – 24″
Weight (lbs.) 14

*Garlock Safety Systems & FRS Canada does not provide the 2X4 wood used for rail and therefore cannot attest to the suitability or set thereof for this application.